Miramar Landing Committee Groups

Clean Up Committee: Created to supplement the current cleaning and trash pickup in the community.

Youth Outreach Committee: Created to be a resource for the youth of Miramar Landing.

Watch Team: Reports suspicious activities to the Baltimore County Police.

Future Planning Committee: Plans the physical and cultural future of the community.

Social Events Committee: Minutes from public transportation and major highways.

The Green Thumbs: Seasonal lawn and gardening information, not limit to fertilization, planting, weed eradication, basic lawn and gardening care scheduling for the community and residents.


When / Where are HOA meetings?
Currently the HOA Board of Directors holds open meetings the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm. Meetings are held at Glenmar Elementary School.


What is the difference between the Homeowners’ Association and the Board of Directors?
The HOA consists of all owners within the geographic boundaries of the Miramar Landing community. Each and every owner is a member of the HOA. The Board of Directors consists of five owners who have been elected to conduct the day-to-day business of the HOA on behalf of all owners. Board members are unpaid volunteers who donate their time.

I want to fence in my property. Do I have to get permission?
Yes. The Miramar Landing Architectural Review Committee (ARC) reviews and approves new building and exterior remodeling (such as satellite dishes, storm door installations, decks, fences and patios) of homes in Miramar Landing to ensure compliance with our community’s standards. Anyone desiring to undertake such a project, for example a fence, must submit a written request to the ARC for approval before any work begins. Following this procedure will ensure consistent and fair ARC enforcement, protect the interest of all Miramar Landing residents and possibly save the individual homeowner a lot of time, money, and aggravation.

Why do I have to comply with the Bylaws and Architectural Review Committee Guidelines?
Purchasing a property within Miramar Landing represents your legally-binding agreement to abide by the HOA Bylaws and the Architectural Review Committee Guidelines. The intent of the regulations is to ensure that property values and quality of life in the Miramar Landing remain desirable.

How can I help?
We have numerous volunteer opportunities! The best way to get involved is to attend one of our monthly board meetings and get to know the other homeowners that have the same interests as you.

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